BAM has extensive experience of delivering education projects, which provide sustainable learning environments, inspire pupils and facilitate local community engagement.

Our work spans the full remit of schemes from 80 place SEN schools to 1,700 place academies and higher education colleges. In the last 18 months BAM has completed 49 education facilities. 23 of these were for the Department of Education (DfE) and a further 15 were procured directly by Local Authorities.

This depth of experience enables us to provide clients with the best outcomes in relation to time, cost and quality, while also ensuring that both the client and school’s aspirations are met.
139,410m2 of of education facilities delivered since 2018
22,113 pupil pupil places created in 18 months
90% of our of our supply chain are SME’s
£33k of of operational savings at Western Academy



We take a whole life view 

We partner with a specialist whole life consultant to provide consistent operational outputs on each of our projects under the DfE framework allowing us to demonstrate an improvement in the clients funding parameters. As a result of this work, a recent Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) for Great Western Academy found that the utilities cost was £64,574, compared to the forecast of £97,803/annum. A direct financial benefit in operational savings. 


Long term partnerships

Our team builds long term partnerships with Strategic Frameworks and end user clients.  As part of this we foster a culture of engagement which lead to excellent outcomes.


Blairdardie Primary School, Glasgow

Blairdardie Primary School, Glasgow


A culture of continuous improvement

BAM gathers evidence through POEs about how our buildings are functioning for our clients. The data and knowledge collected via this process is then fed back into current and future schemes to improve design and performance.


Chester International SchoolChester International School


An integrated supply chain

BAM has an integrated supply chain, which allows us to reduce time and cost risks and provide robust solutions to delivery challenges such as ground conditions, tight sites and asbestos. 90% of our supply chain partners are SME’s, helping to support local businesses and jobs.


Maidenhill Primary School, Glasgow

Maidenhill Primary School, Glasgow


Supporting clients to meet the challenges of the future

As public sector bodies prepare to meet the Government’s climate change objectives by 2050, our teams are looking at how we track the required information and enable schools to meet this challenge. BAM, the Department of Education and the CIBSE school design group. worked together on an initiative to examine how the predicted changes to our global climate will influence the overheating of schools in the future. Knowledge that we can now use to help us mitigate the impact of climate change on new and existing school buildings. 


Maidenhill Primary School Glasgow
Maidenhill Primary School, Glasgow





Maidenhill Primary School, Glasgow

Maidenhill Primary School, Glasgow




Chester International School

Chester International School



Panoramic view of Castle Mead School, Leicester


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