At BAM, we care about our impact on people and the planet. That’s why our goal is to leave the world 
a better place than we found it. We have a responsibility to help care for our environment and the communities we work in - both today and tomorrow. 

We’ve already taken incredible steps toward sustainable construction, but we want to go further and play a leading role in building a sustainable future.
2026 Target date Target date to achieve net zero carbon
2030 Target date Target date to have a positive biodiversity impact
35% Social value Social value on all projects over £10 million from 2026
75% Reduction Reduction in construction and office waste by 2030, compared to 2015
Sustainability - BAM


Building a sustainable tomorrow

Our purpose is to build a sustainable tomorrow. Our new Sustainability Strategy is a clear plan of action to achieve this purpose, with a series of ambitious targets for 2030.

We started by asking ourselves a simple question. How can we make the biggest difference? To find the answer, we looked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGS). By analysing our business against these goals, we’ve defined a clear plan of action based around six themes:


Our ambitious carbon target – to become net zero in our direct operations by 2026 – puts us at the forefront of the UK and Ireland construction sector. And we're always looking for ways to reduce our impact and help our clients and supply chains to do the same. 

Climate adaptation

We’ll build with climate change in mind, providing our clients with climate-adaptive assets which are resilient against future change. By 2030 we’ll integrate climate adaptive measures into all our projects.  


Healthy ecosystems are more resilient to the changing environment, that’s why we have set a target for BAM to have a positive biodiversity impact by 2030. Our objective is to protect biodiversity, enhance ecosystems and help mitigate the effects of climate change on our communities.

Safety, health and inclusion

We foster safe, healthy and inclusive working and living environments for everyone. Preventing accidents and illness is crucial. But it’s time to create environments that are not just preventative, but proactive. Sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives – today and long into the future.

Social value

The built environment has a big impact on our wellbeing. Our objective is to develop buildings, places and infrastructure that supports environmental, economic and social wellbeing – and enhances people’s lives. From 2026 we’ll invest 35% of social value on all projects over £10 million.


We’re striving for zero waste by delivering circular products. When we design a project we consider its entire lifecycle. So instead of ending up in landfill, materials go back into the supply chain, maximising resource efficiency and eliminating waste. By 2030 we will reduce our waste by 75% compared to 2015.

King's Cross Sports Hall. The building has achieved net zero through the use of innovative and passive design measures and offsetting.


It’s time to take action

Climate change affects all of us, and its negative impact grows daily. As part of the civil engineering and construction industry, we’re responsible for 39% of all global carbon emissions and around 36% of all energy use. 

At BAM, we know that we’re part of the problem. But that means we can be part of the solution, too.


Supporting our clients

Being a leading sustainable business isn’t just about us, we provide innovative sustainable solutions which help our clients achieve their sustainability goals. 

We offer a range of sustainable services, to support our clients across the whole lifecycle of their buildings and infrastructure. From renewable energy systems, to charging solutions, we can help you deliver truly sustainable buildings and infrastructure for the future. 


Lincoln Medical SchoolLincoln Medical School, University of Lincoln

RHS Bridgewater, Welcome BuildingRHS Bridgewater, Welcome Building



EQ the first new build office in Bristol to be net zero in operation

We are constructing EQ, the first new build office in Bristol to commit to being Net Zero Carbon in Operation. The building supports Bristol City Council’s goal for the city to become carbon neutral by 2030 and will use 100% green electric including photovoltaics on the roof. A more efficient façade will reduce the amount of energy the building needs and SMART technologies will give the end user optimum control over operational performance.

EQ the first new build office in Bristol to be net zero in operation