Charging Solutions

BAM Charging Solutions delivers electric vehicle charging schemes in the UK and Netherlands for companies and public sector organisations on single and multiple sites. 

Providing an end to end solution from design through to installation and operation, BAM charging solutions uses our experience and engineering excellence to successfully deliver each project. 

This includes retail, commercial, leisure, schools & colleges, transport hubs, hotels and sporting venues. Our relationship with industry leading brands ensures the latest technology is available to our clients. We offer AC and DC charging solutions for electric vehicles, plant and equipment from 3 to 350kW, as well as helping you to address electricity supply capacity issues.

To date we have installed over 50,000 charging points, helping people to adopt greener vehicles and help cut carbon emissions. 

What do we offer?



Our expert team will arrange a detailed survey of your site to discuss your requirements and review your existing electrical infrastructure and size of supply.  We understand that switching to Electric Vehicles can be challenging. BAM will guide you through the process, helping you to choose the right charging solution for your current and future requirements and assisting you with OZEV grant schemes. If needed, we can also upgrade your existing electrical supply to provide faster charging speeds.




Following on from the survey stage our team will put together a design to accommodate your current and future requirements including any upgrades to the existing supply. We are brand agnostic, so we work with a wide range of industry leading hardware manufacturers to secure the best product fit for your requirements.

Our pricing package presents detailed installation and operational costs, and options for user and visitor charging management.




We fully understand the need to deliver our solution with minimal disruption to your business. We will contact you prior to the installation to agree timescales for the works and develop a detailed implementation plan. Our fully qualified EV engineers will complete the installation, test, commission and handover the completed solution.  As OZEV approved installers we will provide a handover pack which includes NICIEC test certificate for the installation, warranty, user guide and, customer support details.




We offer a bespoke software and management system with mobile Apps to ensure our clients have the information, reports and access they need to manage their own charging infrastructure. This provides the opportunity to generate revenue from public charging and manage free or discounted charging rates for staff and visitors.




Once our installation works are complete, we offer a comprehensive Operations & Maintenance package. Allowing you to focus on what's most important to your business.



BAM Charging Solutions



Increasing your energy capacity

In some cases, your grid connection may be limited, which can be a costly and drawn-out process to resolve. BAM can offer load management solutions and access to a range of renewable and battery energy storage products that can help overcome these issues without the need to upgrade supplies. 

Maximise your chargers

BAM can provide an ultimately flexible charge point management platform, designed to help you maximise the value of your chargers.

Developed in partnership with drivers, charge point operators, local authorities, installers and industry experts, our EV charging platform is customer focused and independent of any charger manufacturer, ensuring you get software that works for you and your drivers. The driver app allows drivers to find compatible chargers, pay for and track their charging sessions.


BAM Charging Solutions



Case studies

Cheshire Police Authority Headquarters, Cheshire Police Authority


BAM delivered 7kW EV charge points at the Cheshire Police Authority HQ to support the blue light electric vehicle fleet transition.


Cheshire Police - BAM



Stourton Park and ride, Leeds City Council


We delivered a fully integrated smart grid solution. This included a HV substation, solar car ports, battery energy storage, 13kW dual chargers and 50kW rapid chargers.


Leeds City Council - BAM





BAM provided an end-to-end solution for Mass, including the long-term operation and maintenance of their EV charging infrastructure. 

Our design and implementation plan provided minimal disruption to a highly sensitive operation at Mass, whilst delivering EV chargers in the optimum locations for their fleet’s needs.

The complete solution provides variable tariffs for visitors, staff and pool vehicles, directly linked to the site energy tariff. 


Mass - BAM Charging Solutions





BAM provided an end-to-end solution for Cohort, including management, operation and maintenance of their EV chargers. 

Following a detailed assessment of the electricity supply capacity, we produced a design which included dual charging pillars to minimise impact on the site. 

The complete solution provides variable tariffs for customer fleet vehicles and site visitors. 


Cohert - BAM Charging Solutions




Showman's Show

BAM provided temporary EV charging facilities for visitors to the Showman’s Show event.

Our smart EV charging units provided visitors with the ability to charge on an agreed event tariff. The units were managed remotely by BAM, capturing payment details at the point of charge.


Showmans Show





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