In simple terms, we design, construct, refurbish and operate outstanding buildings. For public and private sector clients, and for our own portfolio of properties.

Sounds straightforward? Far from it.

Creating a new building – or breathing new life into an existing one – takes vision. Clear, long-sighted vision. A vision that’s shared by the client, the designer, the construction company, the facilities management supplier… 

It starts with the people who will use the building and caters to their needs: even if these may be complex and hard to predict. 

It takes into account how that building will evolve throughout its design life. How it will be maintained. How much it will cost to run. And it factors in the impact that the building will have on its environment: immediate and global; now and in the future.

That’s what we mean when we talk about sustainable buildings. 

We know this process and these arguments inside out – from the client perspective and the user point of view, as well as with our design, construction and maintenance hats on – because we’re property developers in our own right. 

The principles we follow on our own projects are equally applicable on our work for clients…

What makes a good project?

Every client is different. Every project is different. 

It may be your biggest undertaking for years. It will probably transform your business. It may change the whole way you operate. 

It might make the people in and around your organisation – your ‘stakeholders’, whoever they may be – totally rethink their relationship to you, and to each other. 

So we have to get it right. And that starts and ends with project management.

We don’t take any chances. That means taking a structured approach that minimises risk and ensures we keep your costs under control. The most important aspects of this are:

  • Detailed specifications
  • Regular project reviews with your team and advisors
  • A consistent project team with named contacts and a clear process for dealing with any questions and issues that come up
  • A proven quality assurance methodology.

It works. We’ve won many awards for it.

Colmore Row

The whole lifecycle

In the past, buildings have been seen as static, one-off projects. All that’s changing. 

We’re ahead of the curve on that change. So we can be there to support you, from the moment you decide you need a new building, right through to its day-to-day running. 

On your project, BAM teams can work together with you throughout the building lifecycle: 

  • Starting with the all-critical design: getting the big picture right, but also planning the detail and the interdependencies that can make or break 
  • Increasingly using Building Information Modelling (BIM) to create value through collaborative working, across the entire lifecycle of an asset
  • Moving through efficient construction and services engineering, to the point where we deliver the finished building
  • Then providing the facilities management teams and systems to manage that building every day: coping with natural wear-and-tear as well as planned maintenance

We can provide all these services separately too, if that suits your needs best. There’s no such thing as one size fits all in this industry any more.