How you can realise the benefits of 3D printing

BAM Weber Beamix 3D printer uses 3D geometric designs to make elements that can be combined into structures


Our vision is to be recognised as one of Europe’s leading sustainable and innovative construction businesses. In these challenging times, fostering a culture of innovation is crucial to help our clients and our own business adapt to a new post COVID-19 normal.

Across BAM we are committed to developing new solutions which will enable us all to achieve better outcomes such as improved performance, increased end user wellbeing, greater resilience and less environmental impact.


Delivering ground-breaking and iconic projects

Our team has brought some of UK’s most iconic buildings to life, using innovative construction techniques and approaches to deliver highly complex schemes such as the V&A in Dundee and Coal Drops Yard in London. In 2018, BAM constructed the world’s first 3D concrete bridge in the Netherlands and this year we will hand over Europe’s first passiv hospital, which is located in Frankfurt.

Sharing ideas across our business

Initiatives such as the Ministry of Cool, our innovation management platform, provide a space where people from around BAM can share their innovative ideas for creating new solutions and products. Some of these such as the world’s first electric road roller are already being deployed on roads in the Netherlands. Others are in the trial phase, such as the UK’s sensor and web platform, which monitors office environments and wellbeing to help companies improve workplaces and staff productivity and retention.


BAM takes the world’s first electric road roller into service

BAM has built and commissioned the world’s first fully electric 10 to 12-tonne road roller. This unique and sustainable piece of equipment was created by BAM’s plant and equipment department, on the basis of an older model which was due for an overhaul.

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BAM’s sustainable asphalt mix LEAB is officially certified

BAM’s sustainable process to produce low-energy asphalt concrete (LEAB, after its Dutch name) has received the official seal of approval of CROW, the Dutch technology platform for transport, infrastructure and public space.

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BAM develops smart, fast cycling routes as partner in goinGDutch

BAM is rethinking the concept of mobility. A good example can be found in the work of goinGDutch, our partnership with Schiphol Airport, Microsoft and OrangeNXT. With interactive cycling routes and a specially developed bike assistant we aim to provide commuters with the ultimate cycling experience in crowded urban areas.

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Smart City

In a smart city, we live and work in a healthy and sustainable living environment with constant connectivity. BAM is shaping such smart cities – by working on innovative, sustainable and integrated solutions that really do add value. And we are doing so in our own unique way, employing strategies that are just that little bit different, and just that little bit smarter.

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Building partnerships to develop new tools and approaches

BAM partners with companies, institutions and universities across Europe to develop new tools and approaches, which will enable us to address some of the challenges we face as an industry. We are part of the Construction Innovation Hub’s DfMA platform project, which will develop a kit of parts for use in the public sector and we regularly work with organisations such as UKGBC and CIBSE to create new guidelines for areas such as Government Soft Landings, net zero buildings and the Circular Economy.

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