Kepier School, Houghton Le Spring

BAM’s use of standardised components and design details cut the program by 50%

One of five schools in the £67m Department for Education (DfE) North East Schools batch, Kepier is a new three storey secondary, built on the location of an existing school that remained operational during construction.

Our team listened carefully to the requirements and aspirations of the DfE and the school, to deliver a high-quality, efficient design solution that met their needs and provided good value for money.

Project details

  • Client: Department for Education
  • Contractor: BAM Construction
  • Architect: Ryder Architecture
  • Structural Engineer: Curtines

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Part Fact icon DfE North East Schools batch
50% Fact icon reduced program due to standardised elements
Research Fact icon precast lifts in buildings

Standardisation maximised design and cost efficiencies

At Kepier we used standardised components and design details from our Education Solutions Manual (ESM). These tried and tested solutions ensure best value and quality. Across the batch we utilised standardised precast ground beams, reducing the programme by 50%, whilst delivery the same great performance.

The scheme was also used to research precast lift construction in buildings with two to three storeys. The costs were very similar, but the benefits to programme of using precast are significant – the shaft is erected in one day rather than several weeks, with no scaffolding risks.