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At BAM, creating Social Value that delivers lasting social impact is central to the way we do business.  In the last two years we have provided over £200 million of local economic value back into the communities where our projects have been delivered. And we are at the forefront of progressive procurement, investing in, and supporting the development and growth of the local supply chain and social businesses. 

We are committed to deliver a minimum of 15% Social Value added across all our projects and are developing 'lifecycle impact' data that helps clients understand the long term impact of their programmes on people and the planet. 
Why do we do this? We don’t just design, build and manage buildings. We live, work, and play in them too because we are part of the communities we create. 
46,815 Student Student engaged
133 Weeks Weeks of work experience
528 Apprentices Apprentices hired across our projects
9,666 Volunteering Volunteering hours provided to community projects

Social Impact at BAM - Leading the movement so we can deliver better together


Our purpose is to create sustainable environments that enhance people's lives and this it is reflected in our values, ethos, and daily actions. We work with our clients and our communities to listen and co-create programmes and opportunities focussed on people and that build community wealth. 

Our Social Value strategy has three key themes – Social Mobility, Social Inclusion and the Foundational Economy. These themes  all align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).


Social Mobility 

Social Development Goals BAM




The built environment sector is in the middle of a digital revolution and there are significant skills gaps. This presents an opportunity for people and organisations and means we must help people adapt so they can benefit from the new opportunities that are emerging. 

At BAM our approach is to help each person access what is right for them. This person-centred growth model focuses on high quality, inclusive, and accessible pathways to opportunity. 


Social Impact at BAM


Social Inclusion 

Social Development Goals - BAM

Embracing inclusion is key to BAM’s success and the foundation to fulfilling our future ambitions. At BAM, inclusion is more than just offering people a seat at the table. We are actively working to eliminate the barriers that exist that prevent people from fulfilling their potential.

We promote equality and equity by engaging and inspiring our colleagues, clients, partners and supply chain to find solutions and creating safe spaces for underrepresented individuals and groups. 


Social Impact at BAM


Foundational Economy 

Social Development Goals

Investment in infrastructure is central to the governments #buildbackbetter plan to generate local economic growth and prosperity. 40% of the UK workforce is employed in the 'foundational economy' which provides the essential goods and services for everyday life including food production and processing, utilities, retail and distribution, health, education, housing and welfare. 

BAM believes we have an obligation to leverage our influence and business activities to direct wealth back into the local economy and into the hands of local people. 

In the last two years, we have provided over £200,000,000 of local economic value* back into the communities where our projects have been delivered. We are at the forefront of progressive procurement, investing in, and supporting the development and growth of the local supply chain and social businesses. 

*Verified by Social Value Portal


Social Impact at BAM


Measuring our impact

Social Impact at BAM is central to our ways of thinking and working. We want to understand how our work impacts the lives that it touches, and how we can continually improve to play our part in delivering sustainable development and creating a fair and just society where everyone, regardless of life circumstance, has access and opportunity to thrive. 

We are members of the Social Value Portal and B4SI Business for Societal Impact (formerly known as LBG – London Benchmarking Group) and forecast, track and calculate the economic, environmental and social value that derives from our construction activities.

BAM is committed to delivering a minimum of 15% Social Value, added across all our projects and leading the charge on the development of lifecycle impact data that will support clients to understand the long term, real-life impact of their programmes on people and planet. 



Our Partners


Social Impact Partners - BAM

Chiltern Lifestyle Centre with children from neighbouring nursery



Social Impact at BAM


Beth Kidd Beth Kidd Community Engagement Co-ordinator 01442 238300
Phil Eves Phil Eves Education Co-ordinator - Midlands 07920 236433
Claire Anderson Claire Anderson Education and Community Co-Ordinator - Scotland 07717 157571
June Wilkinson June Wilkinson Education and Community Co-ordinator – South East 07795 300938
Clare Gill Clare Gill Education & Community Co-ordinator - North East 0113 290 8800
Jess Morgan Jess Morgan Community & Education Co-Ordinator – Western 07785 320016
Alison Power Alison Power Community and Education Co-Ordinator – North West 07810 756137
Rachel Phillips Rachel Phillips Social Impact Manager - London 07771 387028
Anthony Heaton Anthony Heaton Sustainability & Social Value Manager - BAM FM 0113 290 8800