Past, present, future…

Take a trip through our historic timeline

Take a trip through our historic timeline 

Where we came from

We’ve been building in the UK since 1874. Offices, schools, hospitals, university departments, hotels, research labs, cultural venues, museums, travel hubs… from the iconic to the purely functional.

Over the years, several successful regional construction companies joined forces into one. We’re still focused on delivering locally: the difference is we can draw on international expertise, resources and economies of scale.

Our current strength: integrated solutions

We like to stay close to our customers, so we understand your issues and your environment. That’s why we have a network of offices covering England, Scotland and Wales.

We can deliver any, or all, of the services customers need: from the moment you decide you need new facilities through to running and managing your buildings. Find out more about what we do.

We adopted the BAM brand from our parent company, Royal BAM Group, in 2008.

Royal BAM Group

From its origins in 1869 as a carpentry workshop in the heart of the Netherlands, Royal BAM Group nv has become a successful group of companies with activities in numerous European countries and worldwide. Today, it ranks among the largest construction companies in Europe and is the market leader in the Netherlands.

BAM operates in the construction, property, civil engineering, public private partnerships, mechanical and electrical contracting and consultancy engineering sectors.

With around 19,000 employees, BAM is responsible for the implementation of thousands of projects every year. Some are spectacular (due to their size or technical complexity), but many others are more modest construction contracts. BAM is currently undertaking projects in more than 30 countries around the world.

A vision for the future

Our industry is going through massive change and upheaval: most of it for the better, as construction becomes more focused on the users of buildings and on long-term sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

We’re embracing the change. It’s at the heart of our vision for BAM:

To create sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives.

Find out more about our values, our people and what we do.