BAM is adopting digital processes and technologies across our entire business. Helping us to improve the way we operate and deliver projects.

BAM is fully embracing digital ways of working.

We are using technological innovations such as BIM, robotics, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality and modular/offsite construction, to enable us to build digitally before building on site. Building the project twice enables us to resolve any issues before work begins, improving efficiency, managing risks and ensuring that the program and cost requirements can be met.

A lifecycle approach to digital

Our approach to digital is shaped from the outset by our clients’ requirements. We work within a common data environment to ensure we get the right data, at the right time for use across your asset’s lifecycle. This ensures that assets are fit for purpose from day one and deliver the desired environmental, social and financial outcomes.

During the operations phase this data gives facilities managers the information they need to carry out proactive and reactive maintenance, improving efficiency and cutting costs and downtime.

3D printer

Meeting the requirements of BIM Level 2

Our Digital Construction Strategy incorporates the UK Governments BIM Level 2 requirements and set out policies to support its delivery. To provide further assurance to our clients, BAM Construct UK has been independently assessed by BSI and has achieved the requirements of the BSI Kitemark for Design and Construction in accordance to BIM Level 2 requirements.

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Accessing to the latest technologies and approaches

BAM has access to the latest technologies and support through strategic partnerships with software suppliers. We regularly undertake pilots of the latest products and tools with our partners to determine how they can be successfully adopted on site to provide benefits such as greater insights, better as built information and improved collaboration.