International collaboration for the industry of the future

Josh Prescott - 25 Jan, 2016

Construction projects can be high pressure environments where meeting tight budgets, technical challenges and strict deadlines can require partnership working from a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and agendas. But a couple of experiences I’ve had this year have shown me that all of this is achievable.

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Smart Southampton, using smart to improve the urban environment

Andrew Pryke - 11 Jan, 2016

Todays’ cities are awash with data produced by governments, residents, businesses and visitors. It is predicted that by 2020 individuals will produce 1.7MB of data a second.

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Why diversity and inclusion matters to the future of our industry

Jo Pottinger - 9 Dec, 2015

Our industry has changed radically over the last century in terms of what we build and how we build it. However, the make-up of the workforce in the construction industry has not moved at the same pace.

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Big data – big potential

Stephanie Whittaker - 3 Dec, 2015

Every day we leave a data trail by using our phones, credit cards, rail passes and loyalty cards. If captured and analysed this data could deliver huge economic, environmental and social benefits.

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An holistic approach to the health of the NHS estate

17 Nov, 2015

The pressures on the NHS have never been greater as the programme for this week’s NHS Property 2015 demonstrates.

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Think outside the box – risks facing construction industry

Karen Dawson - 9 Nov, 2015

Across the construction industry risk management is coming to the fore as a key differentiator and is increasingly becoming understood for the strength it adds not only to the bottom line but triple line. That is to say that as well as benefiting a business, it has advantages for the community and the environment.

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Britain’s Smart Cities: it’s not all about technology!

Stephanie Whittaker - 29 Oct, 2015

It is not hard to see why most people equate the term “smart city” with the increased use of digital technology, almost for its own sake.

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Teamwork, decision making and the benefit of hindsight

Jon Kiteley - 14 Oct, 2015

Over the last few weeks the Rugby World Cup has been going on across the country. Millions of supporters, myself included, felt the desperate disappointment following England’s early departure from the competition. As with all team sports, rugby needs the whole to equate to more than the individuals. The activities on the field and their analysis got me thinking about parallels we can draw with everyday business, in our case construction.

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Inducting the stars of tomorrow

Nigel Kibler - 6 Oct, 2015

This year, 35 new recruits joined our annual graduate & trainee induction, which was held over two days at the Denham Grove hotel in Denham, Middlesex.

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From reactive problem-solvers to proactive innovators

Rob Hannay - 13 Aug, 2015

BAM’s Business Development Manager Rob Hannay shares the highlights and opportunities from the North West Construction Summit 2015.

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It’s nearly yesterday, already

27 Jul, 2015

Is construction thinking creatively enough about the exponential rate of technological advancement?, asks BAM’s Barbara Cahalane

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Cycling to make a difference

Kris Karslake - 13 Jul, 2015

Q: What do you get if 29 cyclists complete 240 miles across two countries in three days? A: £15,000 fundraised for charity!

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Lighting up the Knightsbridge Estate

Paul Rowledge - 26 May, 2015

“We want to light up a 500 metre long block of Knightsbridge, to emphasize all the different architectural elements of the historic buildings, and we want the installation to be so discreet the public don’t notice it till it lights up.”

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Become a dementia friend during Dementia Awareness Week 2015

Andrea Singh - 18 May, 2015

BAM is becoming a more dementia friendly business this Dementia Awareness Week. This year’s Dementia Awareness campaign aims to encourage everyone to do something new, supporting the message that life doesn’t end when dementia begins. So what better way to support the campaign than to learn more about dementia and become a dementia friend.

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Why young people should consider construction as a career

Puja Bhardwaj - 6 May, 2015

Despite the lingering stereotypes of the construction industry, I urge young people to consider a career in this dynamic, creative and technologically advanced industry that shapes the world we live in. There is a vast array of different jobs and routes into construction from planning and bid writing to site management and quantity surveying. And with a skills shortage in the UK, there are plenty of career opportunities for young people in all of these disciplines and more.

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The Art of the Brick on BAM’s London sites

Hanna Hayward - 27 Apr, 2015

On a recent visit to the Art of the Brick exhibition, which featured 80 LEGO creations by artist Nathan Sawaya, I was reminded of the power of the humble brick. It was used to create dinosaurs and human statues, replicate famous artworks and animals. And the construction industry uses brick just as creatively to give buildings rhythm and distinctive identities.

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BIM Show Live 2015: the BAM digest

Andrew Pryke - 20 Apr, 2015

With the government’s 2016 mandate fast approaching, many companies remain at the beginning of their BIM journey and need support to adopt BIM. At this year’s BIM Show Live, BAM joined BIM leaders, practitioners and clients to discuss the latest developments and how we would achieve this.

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Are the Government’s Construction 2025 targets achievable?

20 Mar, 2015

The challenge has been set for the construction industry to reach the Government’s ambitious 2025 targets. These include lowering construction costs and the whole life cost of built assets by 33%, lowering emissions by 50%, and delivering projects 50% faster. So how are we going to do it?

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Building design and mountain rescue

Chris Edwards - 17 Feb, 2015

When I found myself hanging by a winch from a helicopter high above Humberside one cold, windy Wednesday last month, I had BAM’s Making TIME For Communities scheme to thank.

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Beyond FM convergence

12 Feb, 2015

Construction companies are doing more facilities management. There is an ongoing shift from traditional outsourced stand-alone FM providers and towards businesses like BAMs that harness the potential of integrated FM.

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