Fake job offers

Don’t be fooled! We NEVER email anyone to inform them that have a job offer. 

We ALWAYS call you to give you the good news that we’d like to offer you a job!
Once we’ve done that, we will issue your contract and offer letter digitally.
If you receive an email offering you a job without first having had a conversation with your recruiter – it is fraud.

Beware of hoax or fake offers from people pretending to be recruiting for BAM. We always go through a formal recruitment process. We do not recruit by email and we do not use on-line questionnaires to recruit.

We always carry out an interview before making a job offer to anyone. 

How to spot a fake job offer

You should be very suspicious of anyone who contacts you by email to offer you a job. These emails will usually have some of the following features:
  • Ask for your passport details, or any other personal or financial information
  • Ask you to pay money to help with a visa application
  • Tell you to provide the information quickly 
  • Provide a mobile telephone number, often starting with +44 (0) 70
  • Come from a Google, Hotmail, Yahoo or other Internet hosted account. (Even if it seems to come from a company, don’t use the Reply button but instead type in the address manually. If the address changes then it is likely to be a fraud.)
You need to be very careful because sometimes the fraudsters use the photographs and names of real people in companies and create fake websites that look very similar to the company’s genuine website in order to commit this type of fraud.

What to do if you get an email offering you a job at BAM

If you receive a job offer by email, that seems to come from BAM, you can check whether the offer is genuine or not by contacting us via our enquiry form.

We will then ask you to send us further details if required to help the police investigate any fraudulent offers. We also advise you to contact your own local police service and provide them with the details of the email.