What do you want to create?

A state-of-the-art school or research lab? A prestigious new head office? A refurbished hospital wing? An extension to a growing airport? An iconic cultural space? 

We’ve successfully delivered them all. On time, to budget. No surprises. And we’ve won dozens of awards in the process.

We build, refurbish and extend buildings from our network of offices across England, Scotland and Wales. 

With our strong regional presence, we’ve developed working partnerships with our customers, consultants, supply chain and local communities that are built to last. In practice that means being inclusive, proactive, open and collaborative.


Time lapse of Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross

What makes for a successful construction project?

Project management – pure and simple.

Of course, it’s much more complex than that. But we know that success begins and ends with the right approach to planning, specification, scheduling, choosing the right team, managing sub-contractors, liaising with all the project stakeholders, resolving issues as they come up… in other words: project management.

UK Hydrographic Office - Taunton

What makes the real difference?

  • People: because they represent that rare but essential combination of experience and attitude that you need to deliver world-class projects 
  • Access to the right resources… and the knowledge to understand what ‘the right resources’ means for your specific development
  • Being embedded in the local landscape: with all the knowledge of the local market, cultural fit and commitment to the community which that brings with it 
  • Collaboration: with the customer, stakeholders and the whole supply chain, right from the start, so we can do whatever is needed to fully understand and deliver the client's vision

One element that makes a major contribution to our track record of successful delivery is using our dedicated plant business BAM Plant.

Take a look at some of our most recent case studies for just a taste of what we’ve delivered 

Leeds MRI


A spirit of openness builds trust and communication. This approach has led to BAM being included on a number of framework partnerships in the education and health sectors.

The benefits of frameworks are:

  • Better understanding of project needs
  • Shorter tender and construction times 
  • Greater efficiency and cost savings
  • More widespread application of construction industry best practice, knowledge sharing and continuous innovation.

We’re included in the following frameworks:

  • Education Funding Agency Contractors Framework
  • Education Funding Agency Regional Framework
  • ProCure22
  • Designed for Life: Building for Wales
  • YORbuild2
  • Bolton Council Framework
  • Manchester Airport Group
  • Glasgow Airport Framework
  • North West Construction Hub
  • South West Wales Regional Contractors Framework
  • Southern Framework
  • Cardiff University Framework
  • EXESeed Framework
  • Staffordshire County Council Framework
  • Cambridge University Framework

In Scotland, we participate in a number of hubs (procurement vehicles for public/private partnerships to deliver community facilities)

  • hub East Central 
  • hub West 
  • hub South East