BAM is delivering Electric Vehicle Charging points for schemes in the UK and Netherlands. 

To date we have installed over 50,000 charging points, helping people to adopt greener vehicles and help cut carbon emissions. 

Our team are able to provide charging stations for a variety of schemes, from individual buildings such as Hull Bonus Arena, Tata Headquarters and Health Innovation One at University of Lancaster, to supporting local authorities to roll out charging capacity across their local area.

Services include advice on which systems to install, project management, installation and maintenance. 

Electric Vehicle Charging points

The Hague region

The municipality of The Hague commissioned BAM, Alfen and NewMotion to install 300 publicly accessible charging stations for electric transport. BAM was responsible for managing the process and installation and operation of the charging stations. 

Following The Hague’s example eight other municipalities rolled out similar programmes and BAM installed an additional 150 charging stations. BAM and ICU have also built EV loading bays on five Park & Ride sites in the Hague region. These allow several electric cars to be charged at the same time. 

Delivering charging points in schools across the UK

BAM Construct UK has installed a number of charging points at schools across the UK including Benton Park School in Leeds, Brecon High School in Powys, Eden Boys Leadership Academy in Bradford and Madras College in Fife. BAM undertook all the associated works including groundworks, ducting, and cabling, before installing, testing and commissioning the charging points.


Assisting Tesla to ramp up charging points

BAM assisted Tesla to expand its European network of superchargers. The superchargers are located along the motorways in the Netherlands (mostly at roadside restaurant sites) and can be delivered by our dedicated Tesla team in only two weeks, including landscaping and protective fencing around the superchargers.

Electric Charging Points at BAM offices

Schipol Airport Taxi charging solutions

BAM installed the infrastructure and EV charging points to allow electrically powered taxis to operate from Schiphol Airport. This led Schiphol Taxi, which operates from the airport, to go all-electric with a fleet of Tesla Model S. 

As it is crucial for the taxis to start their shifts fully charged for the day, they appointed BAM to install their own onsite AC charging solution. However, the four fast chargers (60 kW each) and twenty normal chargers (22 kW each) required substantial power, which was very expensive. 

BAM worked with Cohere Energy Solutions B.V who developed a new smart charging system in collaboration with Delft University of Technology. With the new charging system, when the fast chargers are used, the power of the AC chargers automatically scales back. This eliminates the need to install an industrial transformer and allows all EV-Box charging points to charge 30 percent faster.