Gateshead construction firm sponsors wellbeing and bullying app for local students

Students in Durham have been given access to a cutting-edge app to help them cope with mental health, wellbeing and bullying.

The app, Tootoot, has been made available to students at the Durham Federation who are aged between 11 and 16.

Gateshead-based contractor, BAM Construction, has sponsored a year-long subscription to the cutting-edge safeguarding tool after recently building Durham Federation’s new Creative Faculty.

It aims to encourage conversations around the issues of mental health, bullying and wellbeing and allows students to anonymously and discretely report and resolve issues they may be facing at home or school. It provides a new way for schools and colleges to listen to their students, and monitor their welfare.

“We worked closely with the school whilst we were on site, and when we heard about the Tootoot App, we knew it could bring real benefits for students.

“BAM runs an Enhancing Lives Programme which is about having a positive impact on the communities in which we build, so supporting schools and providing STEM learning opportunities is a big part of what we do.

“As an employer BAM is passionate about supporting mental health. We are also a company who continuously look for ways to enhance our offer to clients. Our partnership with Tootoot provides the perfect opportunity to do both of these things.”

Mark Laidlaw

Senior site manager, BAM Construction

Elizabeth Ball, director of welfare at the Durham Federation, said: “At The Durham Federation we take any issue of bullying very seriously. We encourage all students to speak to staff and have a dedicated pastoral team who ensure all students are ambitious, confident and proud.

“Some students struggle initially to speak to staff or parents, Toot Toot will ensure that all our young people have a safe platform to seek confidential advice in school and at home.”

The college is now using the app to support students in the run up to the demanding exam period. BAM Construction is exploring further ways its partnership with Tootoot can bring added value to clients in the education sector.