BAM has been appointed to a new major projects capital procurement framework by Staffordshire County Council.

BAM has been appointed for schemes valued at £9 million and above. The Council’s initial assessment is that this will produce around £30 million to £60 million of schemes over the framework’s four year term. Work on offer will consist mostly of schools, sporting and day care facilities.

Staffordshire Council has designed the framework to be used by other councils around Cheshire, Greater Manchester as well as the East and West Midlands, meaning that it has potential for expansion beyond its present economic outlook.

“Apart from the fact we are clearly pleased to be included on this important new framework, we also see the benefit of a flexible new framework arrangement like this for our existing and potential Council clients.”

Rod Stiles

Regional Director for BAM in the Midlands

BAM has worked on many recent major schemes in the area with projects such as Derby City Council HQ.