One of Britain’s largest built environment companies, BAM has welcomed the launch of the Construction Innovation Hub’s Value Toolkit, launched today (Monday 26th).

The toolkit considers a range of metrics beyond financial in a series of integrated activities supported by tools, resources and guidance enabling clients to take consistent value-based decisions, driving better social, economic and environmental outcomes for their projects.

BAM are delighted to be working with the Construction Innovation Hub - the new toolkit is a major development for the industry and its clients.

Sir William Henry Bragg Building, University of Leeds
“This is all about focusing the industry on delivering additional value to clients in areas such as net carbon zero, increased efficiency and continuous improvement”.

“This outcome focused approach supports the Government’s Construction Playbook which aims to produce a more forward-thinking environment for decision-making in our sector. 

“The toolkit means our clients now have the means to decide what social value they want for a hospital, a school or an office, to set and prioritise their values and to measure these objectively. The toolkit helps them procure in a way that will deliver the social value they have chosen.

“BAM has always been very persuaded that it is not just what we build, but how we build it, that matters. Having the right tools is a big step forward. The toolkit will bring clarity to help us and our clients focus on how to do this.

“The Value Toolkit is a genuinely collaborative approach that shows that our industry can work together effectively for everybody’s overall benefit.”

James Wimpenny

Chief Executive

Further information can be found here.