On 05 September 2017, Graham Cash, Chief Executive – BAM Construct UK, signed the Armed Forces Covenant, committing BAM to supporting employment opportunities for former armed forces personnel and to supporting existing employees who wish to serve as reservists.

The commitment means that BAM will not disadvantage any member of the Armed Forces Community compared to any other employee, and will allow special treatment in appropriate circumstances, especially for the injured or bereaved.

BAM will seek to support the employment of veterans, strive to support the employment of Service spouses and partners, allowing a degree of flexibility for them during and after a partner’s deployment, and support employees who choose to be members of the Reserve forces, including by accommodating their training and deployment whenever possible.

BAM will also offer support to local cadet units, either in local communities or in local schools, where possible.

“We recognise that people who have served in the armed forces have a range of potentially valuable transferable skills. It fits with our desire to encourage people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience to join our industry,”

Graham Cash

Chief Executive

Stuart Venables completed 24 years’ service in the Army, retiring in 2016. He has been working at BAM as a Premises Manager at BAM FM since the start of this year.

“A career in the Army is like no other – every day is different and I spent my life preparing for the unexpected. Leaving an occupation I loved was difficult as I didn’t know how I was going to find another career to match up.

“I realised that gaining experience was crucial – and that I just needed somebody to give me a chance.”
While studying for facilities management related qualifications through BIFM, Stuart met one of the Operations Directors at BAM FM who offered him some experience on one of his sites.

“This was just the lifeline I needed. It was at BAM FM that I realised just how many transferrable skills I had: from reactive planning, to team management, mentoring, record keeping and communication.

“I had been selective about the company I wanted to work for, and it was BAM FM’s ethos of open collaboration with colleagues and customers and delivering what was promised that attracted me, as I possess the same values.”

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