If you have read any of my earlier blogs, you will know that for the past few years I have been on a journey to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community.

Along the way I have consciously challenged my own perceptions and considered how I and others need to change our attitudes to be more inclusive and supportive of people who might be different to ourselves. During my journey, I have taken the time to talk and listen to people from the LGBTQ+ community, so that I can learn from them what life is like on a daily basis and the challenges they face. As a result of this, I am proud to say that today I now view myself as an LGBTQ+ ally.

For me an ally is someone who is committed to making a positive change to improve the lives of the LGBTQ+ community, whether this be in the workplace, at home or in society at large. At BAM I am part of the Proud@BAM employee resource group, which has been created to increase awareness about the challenges facing the LGBTQ+ community within the workplace, enabling us to become a more diverse and inclusive employer. As a group we have organised open discussion sessions with our colleagues, created a roadmap to drive improved diversity and inclusion, signposted LGBTQ+ related key dates and events and linked up with Building Equality and Stonewall who have a wealth of knowledge that we can learn from and share.

It is really important to me that no one should be afraid to be themselves when they come to work. I have learned a lot from the conversations I have with my PA Anya who is part of the LGBTQ+ community and as a result I have become more understanding of what it is like to have to censor your life because of fear of how others might respond. In many cases I feel that people are worried about asking questions in case they say the wrong thing and appear rude. That is why I think that it is crucial that we create an environment where open discussion can flourish. This starts with helping people to realise they won’t be judged for asking a seemingly stupid question or because of what their response might be.

I will never truly know what it is like to walk in the shoes of a LGBTQ+ person every day but as an ally I can support them by calling for an end to discriminatory practices, fostering greater equality and challenging others when they make derogatory comments. I am proud that as a business BAM is also supporting the challenging of prejudices and working towards greater equality for all. We have come a long way since the first Pride in 1969, but there is still so much more we need to do to achieve equality for all and everyone has a part to play. 

People ask me if I have reached the end of my journey, now I am an LGBTQ+ ally and the answer is no! I have come a long way but there is always more to learn and more things we can do to foster greater equality. If you are reading this and think you would like to be an LGBTQ+ ally what’s stopping you? As together we can make the change that we want to see.

About the author

Jason Reed

Director - BAM Site Solutions

Jason was appointed as Managing Director of BAM Site Solutions in 2022 and is responsible for the management and development of our in house plant and equipment operation.

He originally joined the company in 1986 as an apprentice electrician. After a period away working in the electrical and service engineering sector, he re-joined BAM in 2007 and progressed through a number of roles from Electrical Contracts Manager to General Manager.

With over 30 years’ experience working in the construction industry, Jason brings sound technical knowledge and business acumen to ensure BAM Site Solutions provides a high quality, competitive  support service to all of our sites, and leverages best value and innovation from our strong supply chain.

My team collaborates with BAM sites and offices to provide the safest, sustainable, most innovative and effective plant, and site services solutions. As an in-house one-stop-shop for all plant, equipment, PPE and signage needs, we ensure site teams can focus on delivering high quality buildings for our clients.”

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