BAM in the UK has been accredited by CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme). The accreditation covers BAM Construct UK and the civil engineering company, BAM Nuttall.   As part of the accreditation, the two companies have developed their carbon emissions measurement process, their inventory (for the carbon footprint) and established carbon management plans. CEMARS requires that companies have five year plans updated each year setting out how they intend to hit their targets.

  CEMARS is the world’s first internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification scheme to meet ISO 14065. It was developed by Landcare Research (a Crown Research institute owned by the New Zealand Government) based on 15 years scientific research by greenhouse gas experts. It covers all six internationally recognised greenhouse gas emissions. It is a comprehensive standard requiring all scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions to be reported as well as four mandatory scope 3 emissions sources (business travel, freight, waste to landfill and water and wastewater use).   By Achieving CEMARS accreditation, both BAM companies also meet the requirements of ISO14064-1 and the CRC Energy Efficiency requirements to achieve the Early Action Metric.   BAM’s Climate Change Manager, Jesse Putzel, commented:   ‘Being accredited, demonstrates the robustness of our data and our joint commitment to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.  This comes right from the top because the boards of both companies signed off our detailed plans.’   BAM has just submitted its CRC EES report to government.  This is the legal requirement on around 3,000 companies in the UK to report and later pay for their emissions. Achieving CEMARS accreditation is a key step to helping us to reduce our emissions.