Hemel Hempstead / Camberley, 19 September 2013 - Royal BAM Goup’s two UK companies – BAM Nuttall and BAM Construct UK – have become the first construction enterprises in the country to join the Ellen MacArthur Circular Economy 100 (CE100). This leading international sustainability platform has already signed up leading industrial names such as Philips, Unilever, Renault, M&S and Coca Cola among others. Royal BAM Group has already joined the CE100.

The Ellen MacArthur foundation is in the process of setting up the CE100 alliance, which aims to connect innovative companies and provide a framework for a regenerative economy. This will be achieved through using the way materials are used, components and products are re-used and ultimately to de-couple economic growth from using natural resources and eco-systems, using fewer raw materials.

Nitesh Magdani, director of Sustainability at BAM Construct UK, said: ‘This is a far-sighted and ambitious agenda for sustainability that provides a genuine incentive for companies to keep innovating and not to see the sustainability agenda as one they have already satisfied. It also networks us with other innovators and broadens the horizons upon which we operate. We are especially interested in its emphasis on the whole lifecycle of sustainability, because BAM is a developer and designer of buildings as well as a contractor for them. We have a commitment to making our buildings as sustainable to meet the many diverse needs of the people who use them. Virtually everybody will have been inside a BAM building at some point in their lives, learning, recovering, while working or at leisure.’

John Hutton, head of Sustainability at BAM Nuttall, said: ‘This is an exciting opportunity to work with some of the biggest and most forward thinking organisations in the world.  Collaboration on this scale has not been done before and it is right for us to show leadership on behalf of the industry. We are one of the UK’s largest infrastructure contractors and membership of the CE 100 is very much in keeping with our purpose which is, ‘To create a sustainable future by bringing engineering to life’. We look forward to sharing our ideas and initiatives with the CE100 and learning from them. This will help us to add value and become a better business.’

Earlier this year BAM in the UK (BAM Construct UK and BAM Nuttall) was ranked first in the Environment Agency UK CRC table for carbon reduction. BAM Construct achieved Platinum status in the Business in the Community CR Index. BAM Nuttall won the Guardian Sustainable Business Award for employee engagement and is also Investors in People Gold Standard Company.