John Phillips was appointed as Regional Director of BAM Construction in the North East in September 2015.

He began his career as a civil engineer, then as a subcontractor’s site agent, and then into BAM which he joined in 1989.

John won the Construction Manager of the Year Gold Medal for his work on the £100 million St Stephens development in Hull in 2008. And he led the team that built Leeds Arena, as well as many other structures.

“My main challenge is to build on the successful culture of trust we have at BAM to help clients see how this also works for them. If you are a major procurer like a city council, a big property developer, or a large university knowing that a contractor will do what it says and be honest with you from the outset is hugely advantageous. Honesty has cost us winning some jobs, but it’s also allowed us to form good partnerships with repeat clients.”

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