Two baby deer have been reunited with their mother thanks to a kind-spirited site supervisor at the Dunsbury Business Park development.

Dan Timm, 37, from Portsmouth, was told by sub-contractors that two small deer had been spotted inside perimeter fencing.

Knowing how dangerous a construction environment can be, he set off along the perimeter to check whether they were safe.

“I found them lying down, clearly they had been trying to get back to mum, but were absolutely exhausted.  

“I’m originally from Zimbabwe. I’ve handled a lot of wildlife and I actually attended agricultural school before moving into construction.

“So I picked them up gently and found a suitable location to place them back on the other side.”

Later on, driving home, Dan saw the deer with their mother so he knew the reunion had been a success.

The business park, being constructed on Portsmouth City Council-owned land - is being built by BAM Construction, whose Project Manager Simon Gray said:

“We’ve always said at BAM that it’s not just what we build but how we build that makes a difference.  Our attitude to the people around us, their communities, and our environment matters because what we do, by its very nature, can have an impact on others.

“We were thrilled to hear Dan helped our four-legged neighbours. We have a lot of wildlife next to us, and it’s one of the nicer places to find ourselves working.  

“We share this habitat with deer, pheasants, dormice, foxes, ducks and bats. We don’t want to see them injured but also, they pose a risk to us if they run into machinery, vehicles or fencing. So we have regular patrols and once in a while have to help a few to find their way back.”

BAM Design is the architect for the whole 45-acre industrial park, funded by Portsmouth City Council, while BAM Construction is now working on the next phases of construction as it progressively expands. The team has handed over a large distribution centre to international clothing brand Fat Face, and future occupiers include the local VW Breeze Motor Group. Almost 1500 people so far have worked on the development. 

The UK-wide design and construction company has local offices and was also behind the Somerstown Hub development, and Portsmouth UTC.