Are the Government’s Construction 2025 targets achievable?

Nitesh Magdani - 20 Mar, 2015

The challenge has been set for the construction industry to reach the Government’s ambitious 2025 targets. These include lowering construction costs and the whole life cost of built assets by 33%, lowering emissions by 50%, and delivering projects 50% faster. So how are we going to do it?

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Building design and mountain rescue

Chris Edwards - 17 Feb, 2015

When I found myself hanging by a winch from a helicopter high above Humberside one cold, windy Wednesday last month, I had BAM’s Making TIME For Communities scheme to thank.

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Beyond FM convergence

12 Feb, 2015

Construction companies are doing more facilities management. There is an ongoing shift from traditional outsourced stand-alone FM providers and towards businesses like BAMs that harness the potential of integrated FM.

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Is BREEAM Outstanding worth it?

Dr Hardip Mann - 12 Dec, 2014

Achieving the highest levels of green building standards such as BREEAM Outstanding, or LEED Platinum requires investment from clients and contractors. On average, the cost is 10-12% higher than just...

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Manufacturing the construction industry

Andrew Pryke - 10 Dec, 2014

When the first model T came off Ford’s Detroit production line in 1908, its design and production method transformed the automotive industry, cutting the cost of motoring and making it accessible to everyone.

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Making CONNECT110NS in the heart of Glasgow

Michael Smart - 8 Dec, 2014

In January 2011, BAM Properties spent £6.5 million on a derelict 1960s office building at 110 Queen Street in the heart of Glasgow. Our plan was to develop it into CONNECT110NS, the best modern office building in Scotland’s second biggest city.

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Building a cultural legacy

David Cotton - 5 Dec, 2014

It all started in 1893 when we built the Tate Britain Gallery in London. It opened as the National Gallery of British Art in 1897, but was commonly known as the Tate Gallery after its founder. Now we are refurbishing and extending the Tate in St Ives, a £8.5m contract to increase its capacity to 240,000 annual visitors, a few more than the 37,000 annual visitors it was designed for.

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