Recruitment process

Our selection process is carefully designed to match your skills to the right vacancy.

By explaining just how we go about recruiting our people, we hope to give you some idea of what to expect from us, as well as what we will be looking for in you.

What happens to your application?

Our experienced recruitment team will handle your application. They will consider it fairly and in line with our commitment to equal opportunities.

How do we keep you informed?

We understand just how frustrating it can be to be kept in the dark over your application. Once you’ve created your profile and completed the online application, we will acknowledge your application automatically by email. We'll keep you informed about your progress at all stages of the selection process.

Keeping your details on file

There may be times when we have been impressed by what we have read in your application or seen of you, but cannot offer you a job. It may be that there isn't a specific job in your interest area, or that we've already filled the positions.

In that case, with your consent, we'll hold your details on our career database for up to three years. Within this period, if a vacancy comes up which we feel would suit you, you'll automatically be considered.


Before any interview or assessment event, we'll send you the details you may need, including time, venue and travel information.

We understand that you'll be anxious about any form of employer assessment, so we'll describe what is involved to give you time to prepare well in advance.
See our tips for success for more advice on interviews/assessments.


We're happy to give candidates verbal feedback on all interviews.

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