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Marne Barracks


Marne Barracks Marne Barracks - Exterior (click to enlarge)

Changing Marne Barracks, part of Catterick Garrison which is one of the largest army bases in Europe, required metamorphosis from an established RAF base to an army base fit for the Royal Artillery.

A multi-phased project, it involved the construction of a new-build workshop for the Army’s multi-launch rocket system vehicles. Built on the original RAF air strip and landing field, the workshop comprised highly specified and specialised maintenance equipment for the rocket launch tracked vehicles.

To cope with the sheer weight and traction of these caterpillar-based tanks, all main routes within the base were block-paved to avoid churning of the previous tarmac roadways. The infrastructure also required new, upgraded, service installations including water mains, gas and electricity.

The two original aircraft hangers were redeveloped and converted to Royal Engineer Land Rover and other vehicle maintenance workshops, and work to the existing barracks provided improved accommodation, upgraded offices and ancillary buildings, and a refurbished main guardhouse.

Delivered by BAM Construction in the North East, the entire project was undertaken while the base was operational. This required a hand-in-glove approach with the client entailing detailed co-ordination and sequencing of works to minimise disruption and ensure a smooth and timely completion.


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